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What should you expect from a hypnotherapy session?

Hypnotherapy sessions will take place online via Zoom. It is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet. So any laptop, tablet, IPad or mobile phone will be fine. Our online therapy platform is completely confidential and secure. Before any online session, it is important we have a free initial chat via telephone to go over what problem you are struggling with, what behaviours you hope to change and what you hope to achieve through hypnotherapy.

online hypnotherapy session

In an online hypnotherapy session your comfort is key. Being able to relax in your own familiar surroundings is a huge advantage and in many sessions I conduct, my clients will move in different parts of their setting dependent on which part of the session we are in. Your comfort and relaxation are key to getting the most out of the treatment and I would highly recommend a seat with a back rest and arm support if possible for parts of our session.
I have worked with clients from the UK, Australia, USA and many other countries across the globe and good broadband connection is critical. During the online session you will need to see me and hear me, and also I will need to see and hear you too. if you need any assistance with getting the most out of Zoom, I am happy to talk you through this prior to our session.

This session will lead you into a deep state of relaxation

Once we have established what you hope to achieve, I will go through what method(s) I will use during the online treatment session and give you an idea of what to expect. Typically, a hypnotherapy session will include leading you into a deep state of relaxation, making suggestions for different ways of handling a particular issue, behaviour or situation you have been struggling with, and gradually helping bring you out of the trance into a state of total bliss.

Following your initial session, you may begin to see a positive impact straight away, as the new suggestions made to your unconscious starts to take effect. For others, further sessions to help reinforce these new ideas may be needed. I may also teach you self-hypnosis techniques to help you continue to positively reinforce these new ideas of behaviours between sessions.

What You Get

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy can change lives by helping individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. These patterns of thought can be deeply ingrained in our minds, often stemming from childhood experiences or past traumas. By identifying and addressing these negative thought patterns, clients can break free from self-sabotaging behaviours and achieve their goals.

Get in touch

Enquire via the contact page for a free no-obligation to see how I can help

Initial Consultation

We will arrange an initial 15 minute discovery call where I will ask you questions to understand your current situation and desired outcomes for a happier life. This will allow me to individually tailor your session and recommended treatment plan


We will agree on your treatment plan and your sessions will begin. If there is more than one session needed, each session will be approximately 1 week apart


I will be available by phone, email or online during the whole process

Pricing Plans

Choose your suitable plan

No-obligation 15 minute consultation

Hypnotherapy Treatment Session

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What clients say about us


Mind Coaching helped me to overcome my anxiety and stress by treating me with very professional hypnotherapy. I had previously tried counselling, medicine, meditation and loads of other treatments. I was recommended to try hypnotherapy and from the moment I had my first free consultation, it was obvious he was going to help me to look at my situation differently. I can’t describe the positive changes that I have experienced since choosing Mind Coaching hypnotherapy. I am so much happier.


I had a terrible fear of flying and before I went on honeymoon, I realised I needed to do something about it. After a lot of research, I found out about hypnotherapy benefits for fears and my first call with Mind Coaching put me at ease with what the session would look like. I felt really relaxed during the treatment and Mind Coaching was so worth the small cost. I had looked at other options near me but I was dealt with so professionally and I felt it was very person-centred. I have flown 3 times since my treatment and all previous fears I had about flying are very much a thing of the past.


I have tried to quit smoking for many years and used lots of different approaches. I was recommended by my friend to try hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I heard about Mind Coaching via their advert and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am free from my smoking habit and so much happier in my life. I was completely relaxed and made to feel at ease during the process by the Mind Coaching hypnotherapist. Really wish I had found him earlier in my life.

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